Insurance and Employee Benefit Plans

At Greer + Oakbridge, we bring expert consulting to bear on each engagement we undertake, helping companies of all sizes and descriptions develop comprehensive, cost-effective insurance plans to help them compete in the marketplace.
Clients we currently serve include a grocery store chain with more than 40 stores, a telecommunications company that operates in every state, car dealerships, construction companies, municipalities, law firms, physician practices, and commercial real estate companies — just to name a few! Each and every one of these businesses offer different benefits, has different communication needs, and uses different payment options. But no matter what their particular needs, the experts at Greer + Oakbridge know how to customize insurance plans that will fit just right.

HR Benefits Package

Selecting the HR benefits package that’s right for your company is much more than an administrative task. It’s a strategic business decision that impacts the quality of employee you attract, your ability to retain them, and your bottom line.

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  • Decades of experience with fully insured and self insured solutions
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Learn how the professionals at The Greer Agency can manage complicated COBRA benefits for your company.
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Let our experts at The Greer Agency show you how HIPAA legislation affects your organization.
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Online Enrollment Solutions

ACA Reporting, Call Centers, Enrollment Solutions, and Benefit Administration Systems.
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Expert Consulting

Great insurance coverage is about more than just the product

Insurance products can be very powerful, and insurance companies command some of the most recognized brand names in America. But even the best products, if poorly understood or improperly deployed, will underperform for you in terms of both protection and value.

At Greer + Oakbridge, our teams of professional insurance consultants understand that the best solution for you won’t be found in the product alone. Rather, it will be found by combining a strong product with deep knowledge of client needs and the process that will most efficiently and effectively meet those needs. Our professionals invest in acquiring an overall understanding of your requirements so they can custom-tailor a solution just for you. Your solution probably won’t work for our other clients, nor will theirs work for you. Remember this simple, yet powerful equation: [Strong Product] + [Expert Consulting] = Your Best Solution.

Let a team of Greer + Oakbridge professionals get to know your requirements and deliver a creative, effective, full solution — more than just a product — that will exceed your expectations.

Let a team of Greer + Oakbridge professionals get to know your requirements and deliver a creative, effective, full solution — more than just a product — that will exceed your expectations.

Personal Insurance

Personal Health Insurance

With all of the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act, including the complexities and decreased compensation, Greer + Oakbridge, unfortunately, can not profitably offer our expertise in personal health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act has increased complexity and decreased competition in personal health insurance. As a result of the Act, Greer + Oakbridge can no longer offer our expertise in this market.

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